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THE FARM CEO (Issue 07): Formulating Farm Specific Swine Diets, Feeding L/stock During Feed Shortages, 7 Tips to Reduce Feed Waste and Save Money, Raising Meat Rabbits to Save The World, Farm Software & Worksheets


THE FARM CEO (Issue 06) – 13th July 2015: Reducing Catfish Feeding Costs (A Secret Weapon) – Parts 1 & 2, Cutting Costs by Feeding Chicken Intestine to Your Catfish (Native catfish culture), How to Reduce Your Feeding Costs by Rearing/Feeding Maggots to Your Catfish, How to Rear Daphnia (Water Fleas) to Feed Your Catfish at Lower Cost, FAO Information Programme (Production Cycle etc) on Catfish – Clarias Gariepinus


THE FARM CEO (Issue 05) – 6th July 2015: A Mobile Phone App for Poultry Feed Formulation?, Choosing The RIGHT Feed Formulation App, Kenyan Farmers (Belatedly?) Creating Own Feed Due to Rising Costs, Using Inaccurate Amino Acid Digestibility Databases Can Increase Your Feeding Costs, A Useful Introduction to Feed Formulation


THE FARM CEO (Issue 04) – Economics of Aquaculture Production, Become My 50% Affiliate Partner!, Video- Why You CAN Succeed In Your Livestock Farm Business (Feed Formulation Series), Manual on Catfish Hatchery & Production, Why Agriculturists Need to Be Agro-Entrepreneurs, If They Want to Prosper, Starting a Biz While Working Full Time,


THE FARM CEO (Issue 03) – Low Cost Protein Sources for L/S Feed, Good Aquaculture Feed Manufacturing Practice, Replacement of fish meal with maggot meal in African catfish, Soybean Meal Alternatives, Pre-Feasibility BROILER FARM (7500 Birds), Evaluation of Locally Available ingredients used for Ration Formulation for African Catfish


THE FARM CEO (Issue 02) – Rat Control, Integrated Farming, Economics of Egg Production, Agribusiness Handbook: Poultry Meat & Eggs, Watch Songhai’s Award Winning Snails Feeding Video, Songhai’s Leadership Academy – SLA


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