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About SDAc’s Cost-Saving Tropical And Catfish Farming Ideas Mini Site

This mini site is a precursor of the Integrated Fish Farm(IFF) - a Research/Extension Advisory Services Center – which the Self-Development Academy Limited intends to establish in the future.

The purpose of the Cost-Saving Integrated Fish Farming(IFF) Ideas mini site is to continuously investigate, document and publish best practice ways of rearing food and ornamental fish cost-effectively for higher yields using locally sourced materials and indigenous knowledge/skills – in conjunction with consistent implementation of Best Practice Process Management Techniques.

In line with his vision to establish the Farm Research/ Extension Advisory Services Center, Tayo Solagbade has since 2002 established extensive contacts with recognised practitioners in the catfish farming industry.

Not only did he undertake 6 months of practical apprenticeship on a catfish/ornamental fish farm in 2002, he also attended in late 2004, Catfish Production Training, while in between those periods, he wrote a full business plan(which is one of the many useful resources on the maiden edition of the SDAc’s Annual Self-Help CDROM) for his Integrated Fish Farm venture and marketed it to various prospective equity investors – without success, in 2003.

The inability to secure needed investors funds for his farm project led him to focus on leveraging his IT skills towards generating income and capital for the farm project. The custom digital products and services delivery arm of the SDAc called Creative Business Solutions was born as a result of this change in strategy.

This IFF mini-site is located at http://www.iff.spontaneousdevelopment.com – a sub domain of Spontaneous Development Dot Com.

Spontaneous Development Dot Com is home to Self-Development Academy(SDAc) Limited on the World Wide Web.

SDAc is a multipreneurial outfit specialised in combining low operational overheads, highly skilled manpower, intelligent use of technology and fluid patnerships/collaborations – as the need arises – with competent professionals to deliver premium quality services at affordable rates.

The SDAc’s vision is to be the foremost provider of products and services relevant to Self-Development,Workplace Performance EnhancementCustom IT Solutions and Best Practice Systems Development in Africa – and one of the best in the world.

To achieve this, we’ve evolved a unique variant of a low-cost business model we found on the net. This model allows Tayo Solagbade to be the only full time employee of the SDA. We promote this model for adoption by persons wishing to successfully launch similar businesses but who lack access to “adequate” capital. Contact us to help you.

Learn more about SDAc Ltd(RC492204).

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