Custom On-Demand Cost-Saving Farm Ideas™ Workshops

The SDAc can put together a Custom Cost-Saving Farm Ideas™ workshop for any audience regarding the subjects covered on this site.

Examples Of Target Audiences Include:

i). members of fish farmers associations, cooperatives.

ii). employees and/or prospective retirees considering investing in fish farming ventures

iii). Students in higher institutions  (or vocational/entrepreneurship skills development centres) interested in learning about real-life income generating farm-related businesses/vocations we have experience in such as aquarium business; catfish and ornamental fish farming etc.

iv). Farm owners(or aspirants) who want to learn MORE about Best Practice Management of farms. There are a lot of tools/resources and techniques which if applied on a farm can lead to significant and MEASURABLE cost SAVINGs and increased profits.

v). Members of various social groups and associations (including alumni associations, religious groups, clubs etc) who wish to empower themselves.

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