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[Update: Saturday 2nd Aug. 2014 – NEW VIDEO shows auto-generation of Hen Day Percentage charts using modeless floating form – see below] Last saturday (26th July 2014), an Abuja based Farm CEO who’d been discussing with me for close to a month, regarding my Poultry Farm Manager(which he saw on Youtube), sent payment for 2 versions via bank transfer.

Click here to read the rest of this article, and watch the remaining 15 video demonstrations/tutorials.

They give those who are curious an excellent opportunity to SEE exactly how this app really works, and hear from me the “thinking” behind the design of it’s intuitive interfaces.

Most importantly, the demonstrations are done in a way that succeeding videos build on what has been done in preceding videos. Almost the way the app would be used in real life.

So you get to visualize what is actually possible, if you were to make use of it.

I believe that any serious minded, results focused Farm CEO wishing to evaluate this app, will find this collection of video demonstration a perfect means of achieving that end.

So, here they are embedded for your viewing pleasure…and if you wish to contact me about the app, click here to send your message.

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